Mother’s intuition is real!

  Let’s face it ladies, when the baby comes mom pretty much runs the show. Dad is there to support you and your new addition. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things Dad can do to sneak in some bonding time, but the majority of the time it’s the mom and baby show....

Newborn’s reflexes and natural instincts

If your little one is crying there are only so many things she could be crying about. She is either hungry, tired, has a dirty diaper, or a combination of all three. Once you spend more time with her you will start to recognize each cry or whimper that will tell you exactly what it...

Getting your newborn on a good sleep schedule

Having a baby is exhausting for both mom and baby. The first few weeks after birth mama and baby are both recovering and this time should be used to bond with one another. Although, after about two weeks, when you and your little one are all rested up, you should think about getting your little...

What is purple crying?

After your baby is born his very first cries are like music to your ears because it’s the very first sound that you’ve ever heard him make. Some newborns cry more than others and sometimes there is no real reason for it. There is a specific stage of crying that some babies experience known as...

Did you know that babies have more bones than we do?

It’s probably hard to imagine, but babies have almost 100 more bones than adults do. Newborns have 300 bones and adults have 206. Bones are made up of living tissue and calcium that continuously changes throughout a babies life. These little bones start to develop before you can even find out whether it’s a boy...




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