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Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!! We had the best experience with Candice. She was amazing with our baby. You can really tell she loves her job and is a mother herself. There was one point during the photo session that Baby Oliver were showing signs that he was hungry. She gave us privacy for a better part of an hour to nurse him. Then later, he began to cry and she held and rocked him until he fell asleep in order to pose him for the next photo. My friend recently had  a photographer end her session because the baby was crying. Hearing this story made me really appreciate how patient Candice was with our little guy. Her studio is very cute also. She has so many cute outfits and accessories for you to choose from. Unless there is an outfit or prop you really want a picture of, you don't need to bring anything. 

Fast forward 2 weeks. The pictures are PERFECT!!! They're sooo adorable. She also puts together a slideshow/video on youtube. This is great because you can send it to your famliy and friends. 

Taking newborn photos can be a bit pricey but there is absolutely no regrets. Babies grow so fast. Oliver already looks so different from the newborn photos. Looking at these photos brings me to tears (in a good way), seeing how much he's grown, and it's only been 2 weeks !!! I highly recommend Candice Berman to capture this special moment for you and your little one.


Candice is an wonderful newborn photographer and a very sweet and flexible person to work with. When I was pregnant with my second child, I reached out to Candice about taking family shots with our newborn and informed her that my older son is autistic. She was understanding and really wanted to work with me to make the session work. When my daughter was born, Candice worked hard to accommodate my schedule and I ended canceling last minute because my newborn had to be hospitalized. Candice was so understanding and was willing to reschedule our daughter's newborn session when she was 19 days old. Since she was 19 days old, our daughter was fussy and constantly waking up during session. Candice was a true professional and calm throughout the session. We ended up getting great closed and open eyed shots! We couldn't be more pleased. I highly recommend Candice; not only for superb photography, but for special needs families that have bumps along their journey. Candice really works with her customers and makes them her priority. She understands the struggles of life and makes the newborn photography session a beautiful memory that every parent deserves to have.


If you've come across Candice while looking for a newborn photographer, just stop looking and book her. I have never seen someone so gifted at their profession. My husband and I brought our 12 day old twins to her for a newborn session, and within about 5 minutes, we knew we had made the perfect choice in booking her. She was able to take my kids out of their car seats, undress them, and proceed to pose them for over 3 hours, and neither baby made a single peep the ENTIRE session. I can't even change their diapers without them screaming, and she must have done over a dozen outfit and prop changes. I kept having to remind myself that they were my babies, because they have never been so peaceful for such an extended period of time! I knew before we even received the pictures that they would be amazing, but receiving our gallery was just incredible. I will honestly cherish the pictures forever, and to me, it's a priceless investment. I would highly recommend Candice, and I look forward to working with her as my children get older. Just a note- when you book her, she sends an informational packet with her personal suggestions as to how to keep your newborn awake before visiting her for your session. We followed her suggestions, and it was a game changer. Definitely listen to what she says- the sleepier your baby, the better! She knows what she's talking about! We couldn't be happier!


"Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art." - Ansel Adams. Candice doesn't take a photograph, she creates it...

I was hesitant to have professional newborn photography done at first. I didn't want to deal with the potential hassle of a fussy, crying, pooping, and peeing baby in a studio. With the encouragement of some friends and coworkers, I caved in and decided to have some of my baby's big moments and milestones captured professionally. I'm so glad a friend of mine came across Candice's website! Candice is super sweet and very accommodating in all respect of this process. 

I took in some of my own props because my husband and I had a theme we wanted photographed. If we hadn't a theme in mind, we would've been okay, too, because Candice has so many cute props that could've been used! She was very patient and gentle when handling my then 2 weeks old baby boy. She kept the room warm for his comfort, and she has a shushing white noise maker that kept my baby calm and asleep for the session. How clever! Even though she (obviously) has her own creative ideas, she was very thoughtful in asking me for my preference and opinion in some of the poses involving my props. I really appreciated that  My son's newborn photographs came out beautifully! The slideshow is extremely precious, as well, and brings joyous tears to me eyes when I view it!

My mother-in-law and I really enjoyed meeting and working with the talented and humble Candice! I absolutely LOVE her work! I'm extremely happy to have her as my son's photographer for the rest of his first year of life. I look forward to our next session at the beginning of next February. Yaaay!!